A Message From The Board

Fellow Co-op Members:
Among other tenets, our Co-op stands for affordable and wholesome grocery supplies while enriching our community. Over the past 6.5 years, our members have saved over $450,000 by using the Co-op’s services. But, we don’t only like to keep money in our own coffers—we like to pay it forward too! Thanks to all the members who have been rounding up at the registers. With your support, our new “Co-op Cares” initiative has already generated over $400. Next month, all proceeds from this program will be donated to the SAFV shelter. “Blessings in a Backpack” (a program that helps feed children in need in our own community) is the second program of the year that our Co-op will support.
As each delivery grows, more and more people are realizing the cost saving capacity that the Co-op provides. Thus, our staff of Keith, Leah, and Maury has been working tirelessly to make our dream the reality seen and experienced at every delivery day. Our hats certainly go off to them! This consistent growth has caught the eye of many supportive organizations. To name a few, the Alaska Cooperative Development Center and Democracy at Work Institute have both given valuable resources and training. People can’t seem to get enough of us!
While we have experienced much deserved success, our Board of Directors continues to seat only three of the five members. It is vital that our two remaining seats be filled, and we are urging all members to consider joining. Email us at: sitkafoodcoopboard@gmail.com to learn more!
Active members are a sign of a healthy Co-op, and it is your right and ability to attend committee and board meetings. By attending meetings, you are able to ensure that your voice is heard and that your opinion taken into account for how you want your growing Co-op to function. Our next meeting is July 12 at 6:30 PM in the meeting room of the library. I sincerely hope to see and hear from you!
Geof Goudeau
Board Chair



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