Board of Directors

The Sitka Food Co-op is currently led by a five-member Board of Directors who serve three-year terms. We are elected by Co-op members and serve a critical role in overseeing and guiding our Co-op’s success.

The Board is available to answer questions, give updates on the progress of the Sitka Food Co-op, and provide more information. Please feel free to contact us at:

Krystina Scheller  – Chair (term ends March 2023)

Krystina is originally from Hawaii and has always had close relationship with the land and water around her. In 2015, Krystina moved her family and her Arctic sailing business to Sitka via the Northwest Passage. Her passion for the environment and sustainable living has taken her to some of the most remote parts of the Northern Hemisphere including the Central Arctic Ocean, Northwest Greenland and Ellesmere Island. During her voyages she has seen firsthand the devastating results of climate change, the disappearing sea ice and the side effects of industrial practices in remote locations. Her lifelong relationship with the natural world and firsthand knowledge of the affects of climate change motivated her to join the SCS Board. She has a degree in Political Science and Economics from Drew University.

Nathan Padilla – Secretary 

Evanne Kegley  – Vice Chair 
(term ends March 2025)

Hannah Green – Treasurer  (term ends March 2023)
Coming from mid-Michigan, I thought moving to Sitka three years ago would have challenges.   I wasn’t sure exactly what they would be, but very quickly learned food security was a unique one I was not prepared for.  Thankfully, the Co-op is available to the community. Since becoming a part of the Co-op, I have learned so much from the members and am able to provide healthy, organic food for my family.

Prior to arriving in Sitka, I was a co-owner of a craft brewery and a catering coordinator at a large convention center.  From scheduling and ordering supplies, to brewing and problem solving in a fast paced environment, this has given me the unique perspective of both the business and hospitality aspect of a community organization. However, the Sitka Food Co-op is the first board I have been on.  This has been a wonderful group to be part of. With the various strengths of each member, it is exciting to see what we are accomplishing.

James Swift – At Large (term ends March 2022)
I came to Sitka from So California in 1971. Got a job on a Commercial Fishing boat and eventually got my own boat. I like to call myself retired, but I still make a couple 5-7 day fishing trips each year. I‘ve served on the AMSEA (Alaska Marine Safety Education Association) Board for, 9 years. Many years ago I was on the SAFV (Sitkans Against Family Violence) Board as well… and I was President of ALFA (Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association) way back in the 90s. I have been involved in many Community based non-profits over the years, and am happy to be involved with the Sitka Food Co-op.