Community Partners

slfn-newlogoSitka Local Foods Network
A non-profit organization promoting and encouraging the use of locally grown, harvested, and produced foods in Sitka and Southeast Alaska.


Sitka Kitch
Sitka Kitch is a new community food project in Sitka that stemmed from the Sitka Health Summit. They seek to provide community education, training, small business development, and access to commercial kitchen space with the end goal of improving our local food security and increasing community knowledge and awareness around nutrition and local foods.

Beyond Leafy
BeyondLeafy LLC is a family owned and operated vertical hydroponic farm that grows naturally grown produce for the local community of Sitka, Alaska. BeyondLeafy was Established in June, 2017. Through advanced technology and innovative growing techniques, we are able to produce leafier, greener, and fresher produce. Our approach enables us to grow year-round, using 95 percent less water, in one tenth of the space compared to traditional farming. BeyondLeafy, LLC embarks on a journey to local sustainability where our belief in our community to sustain itself and a high level of support from community, family and friends motivated our family to move forward with our Vision.


317109_216124645124822_499381977_nGimbal Botanicals
Gimbal Teas are formulated to be great-tasting, preventative medicine. Herbs containing high quantities of vitamins and minerals that are water soluble are best consumed as tea. Nutrients are then easily assimilated into the body where they are most needed, aiding the body in healthy normal functions. This naturally reduces stress and helps prevent internal conflict, a natural form of health insurance.


Snip20171231_5Middle Island Gardens
Middle Island Gardens is a small, local Market Garden growing fresh, nutrient-rich produce organically with the sand, seaweeds, soils and pure rainwater of Middle Island in Sitka Sound. We aspire to increase local food production in Sitka, and we are Andrea Fraga and Kaleb Aldred.  Look for us on Facebook.


Wildfish Cannery

Wildfish Cannery works with local fishermen to preserve their best catch at its peak, and the salmon in every one of our cans traces back directly to a member of our community.

We take the bounty of Southeast Alaska, infuse it with our craft traditions, then seal it in a can.