Keith Nyitray, General Manager


One of the things I love about Sitka is that we’re always trying to find new ways to help each other and make our community a better place to live in. So, when I first heard that a local food cooperative was being organized I was all for it. (Admittedly, I also love buying wholesome foods, items in bulk, and saving money at the same time!)

As one of the original founders and Board members of the Co-op, I truly believe we are making a positive difference in our community. Now, as General Manager, I look forward to helping the Co-op grow and develop in new and exciting ways while providing the best possible service to all members.  My “door” (so-to-speak) is always open and I welcome members to email me with any and every question, concern, suggestion and/or request they might have.

Together we ARE creating an alternative food model for Sitka.

Kate DesRosiers – Outreach & Education Coordinator

Hi! My name is Kate DesRosiers (Petraborg)
I was born and raised here in Sitka and developed Type 1 Diabetes in 1990 when I was age 7. I am a forager, a gardener, a poultry wrassler, fitness class instructor, traveler, and you can find me smiling much of the time!
Learning about good food has been a lifelong journey living with an auto immune illness. Food choices can be  the worst thing you can do for your body, or it can be the best thing you can do for your body so choose the best you can get!

Having access to the quality companies that the Sitka Food Co-op brings to Sitka is a service that I am more than proud to be a part of. I hope to continue learning and growing and bringing even more to our small island community with the Sitka Food Co-op (and to you the members!) for many years to come!! Cheers!

Kelly Goeden – Staff

My name is Kelly Goeden and I have lived all over the state of Alaska from Nome to Sitka and lots in between over the past 29 years. My husband and I have been married for 25 years and have loved our statewide adventures while raising our two boys (both grown men now).

I like being part of the co-op because I love being able to get great food at a reasonable price. I also really enjoy meeting and working with all the people that wouldn’t cross my path in my daily life. It’s fun to interact with the people to bring healthy food to Sitka’s tables.

When I’m not at the Food Co-op I like to work in my yard, go to the beach, and create art pieces with fabric and beach finds.