COVID-19 Update 3/13/20

Due to the need for “social distancing” the City of Sitka will be now be limiting the numbers of people who can gather at their facilities…. this includes Centennial Hall which will have a major impact on our deliveries. As a health precaution for our staff, volunteers, and all members who order through the Co-op  – we also need to reduce the degree of food  handling to reduce the chance of transmission of the virus.


  • ONLY full case/orders (by an individual member) of produce from Organically Grown will be ordered for the foreseeable future.  You can still order any item that does not require the Co-op to open a box or bag to “split” the order such as (6) bunches of dill or (5) pounds of
    • NOTE:  we recommend that members place all other individual produce orders through AZURE!   (Their prices are comparable to ours even with shipping and handling.)
    • Members who do not already have an Azure ordering account, should open one if desired. Please follow the instructions on our website:
  • UNFI case “splits” will NOT be allowed… only full case orders will be ordered from UNFI. That is if a case count is either (6) or (12) you must order the full amount so staff and volunteers don’t have to open or cut into the packaging and divide the case between two or more members.
    • To accommodate this change, the ordering deadline for Foodclub will now be extended to 3:00 pm Sunday afternoon… the same time as orders need to be place for Azure.  
    • (Suggestion… if you don’t need a full case of an item we suggest you find a friend to “privately” do a split on your own.)
  • Blue Valley Meats orders remain unchanged and will arrive as usual.
  • Southeast Dough Co. pre-orders will still be available from 1:00 – 8:00 pm.
  • In addition, to reduce congestion when people come to pick up their orders, delivery/pick-up times on the 24th will be expanded and will be now from 1:00 pm – 8:00pm.
  • Lastly, for those members who are at a high risk for COVID-19, we will endeavor to work out a “home delivery” for you at no charge.

We apologize for any and all inconvenience these changes will impose upon our members but these are being done out of “Concern For Community” – which is the Seventh Cooperative Principle. 



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