Message From The General Manager – AML Rate Hike

Hi Everyone –

I regret being the bearer of bad news, but AML has just announced another “fuel surcharge” rate hike. Starting in July, the fuel surcharge rate will increase from 23% to 26%.  I crunched the numbers and this will add two cents per pound ($0.02) to our shipping costs.  This means that starting in July our new shipping rates for Azure & Blue Valley Meats will increase to:

$0.43/lb for Dry goods 

$0.60/lb for Chill/Frozen goods

For all United Natural Food and Fresh Produce items any increase in cost will be built into the prices you see on the ordering sites. However, I promise to do my best to keep our prices as low as practicable… and competitive as possible.

Cooperatively Yours,

Keith Nyitray

Coffee (or tea) with the Co-op!

Have a “cuppa” with the Keith & Kate from the Co-op! Your coffee or tea is on us!

Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting has ended and a good time was had by all those who attended. For those of you who were out traveling, fishing, hiking, biking, sailing, paddle-boarding, or (sadly) home sick… we missed you!
However… you can still learn about how we did in 2021 as the Annual Report has now been uploaded onto our website. You can review it by going to: Annual Meetings & Reports

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