Changes To Azure & Blue Valley Meats Ordering

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to let everyone know that there’s a change taking place with regards to ordering from Azure.

This change pertains to the handling fee we currently charge for taking care of everyone’s Azure orders (ie: coordinating the drops, record keeping, billing, paying AML, and actually physically handling all the orders).

As we’ve grown (and more members and businesses are ordering through the Co-op) so has the size and weight of some of the orders we’re receiving. So…  to make things more equitable for all our members, the new handling fees will be:

$5 for orders under 150 lbs
$10 for orders between 150 & 300 lbs
$15 for orders over 300 lbs

Please Note: The  change in handling fees will also be applied for all Blue Valley Meats orders.  These changes will affect less than 2% of all orders currently being placed, but are being established so as to better prepare us for the continued growth in sales and size of orders that we’re experiencing.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns about the proposed changes please feel free to contact me either by email or in person.

Cooperatively Yours,

Keith Nyitray
General Manager



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