COVID-19 Update 3/17/20

The Co-op’s Board just held their first ever, online, teleconference for their March meeting and plans are well underway to continue Co-op operations (ordering and deliveries) for as long as this current situation exists… albeit with some major modifications. 😉

Know that there WILL be a delivery next Tuesday (3/24) for those members who have placed orders and that we will be following current CDC guidelines. The delivery will take place at ANB Hall and members who have an order arriving will receive an email (and/or phone call) outlining the new procedures for maintaining “social distancing” while picking up their orders. Home deliveries and “curbside pick-up” will also be an option for those that so desire.

The seventh principle of that all co-ops strive to operate under is: “Concern For Community” – and we take this viral outbreak VERY seriously.

Please stay tuned for new updates on how we are adapting to this ongoing viral disruption. Look for updates on our website, here on FB, and via emails to all our members.

Cooperatives are about people coming together to solve a common problem… so we will!

Keith Nyitray
General Manager

PS: Know that receiving food deliveries through our Azure ordering option – and our “case lot only” orders from UNFI and Fresh Produce – is one of the safest ways to purchase your food, as there are fewer “touchpoints” and much less opportunity for exposure to infectious diseases, than going to the store.



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