COVID-19 Update 3/28/20

Hi Everyone –

If you have a current “open” order for produce (or plan on ordering before the produce only deadline on 4/4) we have a couple of important updates for you!

Due to disruptions in our supply chain and (more importantly) the need to protect our members, staff, and volunteers on delivery days, we’ve made some changes (again) to the way Fresh Produce is ordered.

Our main concern is that we reduce the possibility of transmitting
Covid-19 as much as possible… not only to our members, but also to our staff and volunteers. So, where possible we are now trying to fill orders by the “count” and not by the weight.

This also helps us to reduce the handling of the produce as well as the volunteers hours needed to fill everyone’s orders… especially as we might be short on help for upcoming deliveries.

For those of you who have already placed your split requests please be aware that your order may have been adjusted and/or have had items deleted. Many items were not changed at all… others were switched to individual bags were possible, and some were even change to a “per each” cost. Where we would easily transfer your split request to the new system… we did. Where the price of an item was significantly higher, or quantity required to place a request was substantially different, we have had to delete those requests.

  • We are asking that all members who want to order produce for the April 14th delivery to sign into Foodclub, check their orders, and see what is available by new sizes and prices.
  • We also suggest consider finding a Co-op member (or two) that you are comfortable communicating with and splitting some of the larger orders with them after a delivery day.
  • We also recommend ordering produce from Azure whenever
    possible. Their system allows for smaller orders on items such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, yams, and more.

We are truly sorry to have to ask you do this to you, but it’s the only way that makes sense for us to move forward safely and efficiently. This new system will limit the time the produce will be handled and touched… keeping you, our staff, and volunteers safe during these critical times.

Thank you for understanding. We will continue to work for you, and with you, as we adapt and problem solve as the times continue to change. This is what “Community” is about, and we are all essential parts in continuing to make it happen!

Cooperatively yours,

Keith Nyitray – General Manager
Kate DesRosiers – Daytime Assistant Manager



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