Did you know…

Did you know that…

Members of the Sitka Food Co-op have online access to the largest supplier (UNFI) of wholesome and natural foods and products in the country?

From tomato paste to toothpaste… and from deli meats to diapers… members can order from over 22,000 different items in nine different categories:

Bulk Goods
Frozen Foods
Grocery Items
Nutritional Supplements
Personal Care
Pet Products
Refrigerated Goods
“New Beginnings” (Pregnancy/Infancy Products)

There’s also no “minimum order” and all items are always sold at a case or bulk rate prices… even if you just want one can of tomato paste from a case… or just one pound of split peas from a 25 pound bag.

Membership to the Co-op is just $50 for a 12-month period but… even if you’re not a member… everyone is welcome to “Shop the Co-op!”



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