Did You Know…

That over 200 households and business in Sitka currently gain access to wholesome foods and natural products (at reasonable prices) through the Sitka Food Co-op?

That approximately 6-7% of the households in Sitka are now members of the Sitka Food Co-op?

That the Sitka Food Co-op will “waive” its membership fee for families in distress and for Americorp volunteers and those in the Winter Fellows program?

That the Sitka Food Co-op is locally owned and operated by its members and is largely run by volunteers?

That the Sitka Food Co-op is truly a community endeavor? Members work towards the common goal of accessing healthy, high quality, affordable food by volunteering over 1,000 hours each year to make this a reality.

That, according to the University of Alaska, the cost to meet the minimum nutritional needs of a family of four in Sitka has risen by almost 200% since 2007?

That members of the Sitka Food Co-op are saving 20-25% on the items they purchase through the Co-op?

That the Sitka Food Co-op believes in supporting local and regional growers, producers, and businesses as much as possible?

That the Sitka Food Co-op only sells organic produce – and many of those items are at or below what it costs to purchase the same, non-organic, produce elsewhere?

That “Everyone is Welcome to Shop the Co-op?” That the Co-op carries several thousands of dollars of a constantly changing inventory of produce and non-perishables (coffees, teas, nuts, dried fruit, chocolates, canned goods, pastas, cleaning products, etc.) that is open for members and non-members alike to purchase?

That the Sitka Food Co-op offers several hundred products specifically geared towards young families (i.e.: baby foods, diapers, pre-natal vitamins, etc.) that are priced just above wholesale cost because the Co-op believes in helping young families stay in Sitka and – more importantly – giving a healthy head start to the youngest and newest members of our community?

That the Sitka Food Co-op now brings over five tons of wholesome food and natural products into town every month?

That the Sitka Food Co-op donates all its extra produce and perishable supplies to the SAFV Shelter and the Senior Center?

That the Sitka Food Co-op donates over $1,000 worth of organic produce to the Thanksgiving and Christmas community dinners organized by the Alaska Native Sisterhood (ANS)?

That the Sitka Food Co-op has an “on-demand” ordering system? Because members “pre-order” their supplies, almost no food is thrown out and away because it’s past it’s “best-buy” date or because it’s old, wilted, or rotting. That means the Co-op’s prices can be lower because no one is paying for food that ends up never being sold.

That, in some ways, the Sitka Food Co-op is basically like a giant “buying club” on steroids. However unlike buying clubs in town, the Co-op pays sales tax and rent, carries regular business insurance, and has several part-time employees?

That the Sitka Food Co-op believes in putting people ahead of profit? That even though it’s a business, it operates as if it’s a “non-profit” organization?



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