Letter From The GM

Dear Co-op Supporters,

This is indeed an exciting and challenging time for our Co-op! Thanks to community support our business is up more than 45 percent over the same period last year (heck… we thought we’d be doing great at 20%!). With every month, more Sitkans are joining and shopping through the Co-op and this growth brings both opportunity and change.

As you may (or may not) have heard by now we have outgrown our space at the First Presbyterian Church. Our lease ends August 31st and we are actively working to identify a new home and expect to continue operations at a different location in September. To reduce the inventory that needs to be moved and stored, we will be cutting back on filling “split” orders for the August orders.  As such, our retail products for sale will also be somewhat limited until we are settled in new space. We will keep you posted on our move and any adjustments to our ordering protocols.

In the mean time, if you want to secure your supply of natural and wholesome foods, members should consider either ordering full cases of desired items from United Natural Foods (UNFI) or consider ordering from Azure Standard – which also offers “splits” on cases/bulk items.  (Produce will always be ordered by cases.)

Not a member yet? Please consider joining the Coop and placing an order! For just $25 (for 12 months), you can become a member of our community and get great deals on everything from apples to zinc supplements!

We welcome all ideas and feedback from those who are interested in helping us grow. Please feel free to write to me at, sitkafoodcoop@gmail.com

Together we can create – and are creating – an alternative model for “Bringing Good Food & Community Together.”

Cooperatively Yours,

Keith Nyitray

General Manager



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