Member Benefits

Group Buying Power

  • Access to suppliers of natural and organic products that you would not have as an individual.
  • Dedicated people actively pursuing those products that you can’t get locally.
  • Order just a single item (if desired) as opposed to meeting a minimum dollar amount as an individual.
  • “Split” bulk orders and case lots with one or more other members to save money.

Save Money!

  • Get wholesome natural and organic foods and products at reasonable prices.
  • Purchase at member prices.
  • Lower shipping rates than if you were to buy on your own.
  • Members who volunteer at least 3-4 hours of their time helping with deliveries will receive a discount from the cost of their order for that delivery.

Support Your Community

  • You are investing in a business model that supports local and regional producers, fair trade and human cooperation!
  • Any profit is invested back into the business so it can grow, keep prices low and create local jobs.
  • We are dedicated to actively developing and supporting activities and services that enrich our community.

You Have A Voice…

  • In how your co-op is run, what products are sold, and where money is spent.
  • In voting on vital decisions for the management of the Co-op, in electing Board members, and by attending meetings or running for a position on our Board of Directors.
  • When you become a member, you’re not just a customer shopping “at” a store…  you “own” the store.

Food Security

  • Food security isn’t just knowing that you can rely on your regional food system. It can also include knowing where your food comes from, knowing who grew, raised, and prepared that food, and knowing whether the hands who contribute to the delivery of your foods are of people who are safe, well-compensated, and raising families in healthy communities.

Good to Know…

  • The Co-op is open to everyone!  Co-op memberships are available to any person, organization or business agreeing with the purposes of the Cooperative, regardless of race, nationality, political opinion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age or religious belief.
  • HELP… is always available to show you the “tips and tricks” on how to use our current ordering sites.
  • Membership is $50 for 12 months from date of payment.
  • Membership benefits include the right to vote (one vote per member).
  • The voting member is the person named as Head of Household or Business/Organization Representative on the application form.

Become a member today!