Message From The Board 3/23/20

Hello fellow co-op members,

Times are feeling pretty crazy right now. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been figuring out what our new normal is supposed to look like. How do I maintain the friendships I hold so near and dear from 6 ft away? How do I explain this to my three year old? Needless to say, it’s been tough for all of us and it’s hard to be at our best during these uncertain times. This is the time of the year our Co-op usually has its annual meeting. This meeting is supposed to be a time for us to get together and celebrate the challenges and accomplishments of the previous year; it is a time for us to reconnect and look to the future. As per our Bylaws we are supposed to have an annual meeting in the first quarter of the year. This meeting was scheduled to take place this Sunday, March 29th, however, with the current pandemic threat ramping up in our community, we would no longer be able to have this meeting in person. We feel like this is an important aspect of our annual meeting. We are also feeling quite stressed and working to create our new normal and are asking members for your support in pushing the annual meeting to a later date, once things have settled. If anyone is opposed to this, please reach out to us at

Cooperatively yours,

The Co-op Board of Directors
Ariane, Jim, Hannah, Evanne, Simon



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