Message From The GM

What a summer it has been! As you’re already probably aware the Corona virus has altered just about everything we’re doing nowadays. We’ve had to change our delivery location… had to add a third delivery each month… initiated parking-lot pickups, and started asking members to prepay for their orders to help us get everyone’s order out the door in a faster (and safer) way. (A special thanks goes out to all that have signed up for pre-payments.)

BUT… the biggest change of all has been just how much we’ve grown these past few months! New members have been signing up every month and orders are getting larger every month as well. Believe it or not… last year we averaged bringing in some 5.5 tons of food each month… this year we’re averaging 7+ tons each month!

Thank goodness for all the members who continue to help us out on delivery days to move that much food every delivery. As I’ve always said: “We can’t do what we do… for the prices we have… without member support.”

Yes… the times they are a-changing, but it’s wonderful to see that we’re changing with them… and doing it so well!

Keith Nyitray



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