Message From The GM – We’re Moving!

Heads up everyone! Starting in October we’re moving to ANB Hall!

Since the start of the Covid pandemic – and for the past two and a half years – St. Gregory’s Church has graciously allowed us to have our deliveries at their location on Lincoln Street. It’s been a wonderful location to operate out of, but they are now planning on remodeling the lower level and have asked us to move on to a new location.

We can’t thank them enough for all the support they’ve given us!

As such – and until we’re able to lock in a permanent location of our own – all deliveries for the foreseeable future will now take place at the ANB Hall on Katlian Street. We’ve been there before and understand that it may not be as convenient for all our members to pick up their orders as parking is limited… so we’d like to remind everyone that we do offer free home deliveries. Just please let us know in advance of any delivery if you’d like us to deliver your order to your home.

Know that we are continuing to purse all options to obtain a new (and possibly permanent) location for us to expand and relocate to that will allow us to expand our service to our community. In the meantime we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we shift to a new location.

Together we are creating an alternative food model in our community.

Keith Nyitray

General Manager


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