Photo Gallery

Face 1
Sticker shock!
The face you make 2
Happiness is...
Ann Betty - Founder
Anne Betty - Founder
Creating a vision
Creating a vision
Creating a vision 3
Work notes & ideas
Creating a vision 4
Creating a vision
Creating a vision 2
Values & vision
Unwrapping the delivery
Starting to sort
Some of our superb smiling sorters.
Checking invoices
Sitka Food Co-op - 48 of 53 copy
One of our stellar volunteers
Sitka Food Co-op - 40 of 53
The DeWinter boys
A great helper!
A great helper!
The DEC approved kitchen we use.
Getting ready to
Ariane getting ready to "split" a large order of cashews.
Cutting cheese?
Alas poor cheddar, I knew the loaf well.
Peppy Produce Packers
A pair of peppy produce packers
Organically grown goodness
Organically grown goodness
Setting up the retail table.
Setting out some inventory
Retail table
Some of the retail items
Someone's order
Someone's order
Checkout line
Delivery day!
Farmers Market
Community outreach
Telling our story
I joined...
I joined the Co-op...
Thumbs up!