What Does It Mean To Be A Cooperative?

A cooperative, or Co-op for those in “The Know,” is an organization made up of individuals who share equal ownership of said organization. This means that members of the Sitka Food Co-op are also owners of our wonderful organization! Each member/owner has a right and ability to make their voice heard for each and every decision to be made. However, it is not pragmatic for all 240+ owners to meet for every decision. Thus, a Board of Directors is needed to represent all those owners. These representatives are elected each year at our annual meeting—these select individuals are your Board members! Major changes for the Co-op, such as changes to our bylaws, are also voted on at the annual meeting.

In short, Co-ops function democratically. In addition to our democratic function, our Co-op operates ethically, responsibly, and compassionately. For example, our “Co-op Cares” program supports many local non-profit organizations in our community, as does our donation/sponsorship program.

Our cooperative is founded on these seven guiding Principles:



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